Marlins – Mets: Baseball

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In less than 2 hours (118 minutes to be exact), the NY Mets defeated the Miami Marlins by a score of 3-1 on Monday night. The Marlins were able to score a run in the bottom of the 8th inning, and Steve Cishek – the Marlins closer – was brought in to finish out the game. He ended up serving a 3-run home run to Daniel Murphy and, unlike the Marlins closer, the Mets closer – Jeurys Familia – retired the side. We’re fortunate to have a MLB team right here in Miami. Nothing beats doing a little research for InteliBaseball than attending a Marlins home game.

MLB Statcast

Data deluge: MLB rolls out Statcast analytics

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Which outfielder sprints the fastest and runs the longest to snag line drives into the gap? Which shortstop is best at throwing from the grass to nip the runner at first? Which catcher gets the ball to second base the quickest? A new era in analytics starts Tuesday when Major League Baseball rolls out its Statcast tracking technology during the MLB Network’s broadcast of the St. Louis Cardinals’ game at the Washington Nationals. Real-time access will expand quickly to Fox, ESPN and Turner, then to regional sports networks within about six weeks. By June, fans should be able to look up leaderboards for hitters’ exit velocity, fielders’ route efficiency, speed and distance, and pitchers’ spin rates and arm extension. Cameras and sensors installed at each ballpark capture 120,000 bits per second. Henry Chadwick, who invented the box score in 1859, would be flabbergasted. “Fans are ready for a deeper dive

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I have seen the future of sports, and it is here now

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Looks like we might have some competition from SAP – although their solution seems to be geared towards Professional athletes, taking more of a “sports medicine” approach. If you have a chance, please read this new piece in – How the Internet of Things will change the future of sport. While the focus of the article is on Cricket (and yes, we did think about cricket when we purchased, it’s becoming more and more obvious to everyone that 3D image analysis was good enough. Today, your XBox 360 and Playstation consoles do that out of the box, with minimal SDK programming. The future is definitely what we’re building our company on – sensors, bigdata, machine learning, analytics. Sensors are decreasing in cost; machine learning is readily available in the cloud. Possibilities for the “intelligent athlete” are endless. We strongly agree with Mr. Philipson, the future of sports is

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Placido Polanco

Makélélé has a position named after him, and now so does Placido Polanco

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If you’re a fan of sports, you’ve probably heard of The Makélélé Role – he revolutionized the defensive midfielder role: And if you had a chance to read George Springer ready to turn the corner on, you’d be pleasantly surprised to find Placido Polanco associated with – what ESPN likes to call – classic No. 2 hitter from the Placido Polanco school of pesky contact We’ll take it!  And we are well aware how fortunate we are to have Placido on our team, one of the best contact hitters of our generation.