freeIMU Sensors in Action
freeIMU Arduino R3

freeIMU Sensors in Action

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Development is well underway, and one of the sensors the development team is quickly falling in love with is the freeIMU sensor. We recently started a discussion about the freeIMU sensor connected to an Arduino UNO – R3 board on, just wanting to know what everyone else things about them. So far so good, we’re able to capture data – next up, cloud – machine learning – bigdata analytics. Wish us luck!

MediaTek Labs Cloud Sandbox

MediaTek Labs FREE cloud service

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Have you seen the recent announcement from MediaTek Labs? Their Cloud Sandbox 2.0 is ABSOLUTELY FREE to better help developers bring their ideas to life for the Internet of Things (IoT). We signed up and will do some prototyping, how much do you have to lose when something is free right? You can sign up as an individual, or you can signup as a company and invite your entire team under the “business account” umbrella. We will let you know what our experience will look like.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure and the Internet of Things

7 years ago 1

Have you read the latest whitepaper from Microsoft related to the internet of things?  Titled Creating the Internet of Your Things, this writeup starts up with “the Internet of Things has kept plenty of technology journalists busy during the past year, but few have answered the most important questions of how to make it relevant to your business today. Instead, it often seems overwhelming, complicated, and expensive.” Like every other promotional whitepaper from a company like Microsoft, you get to read about the company’s point of view on IoT, and here is where we agree with Microsoft 100%: “The real value lies in the data that is transmitted from those devices, and the compelling business insights this data can enable. These connected “things” are producing large amounts of information. By tapping into those data streams and connecting them to the cloud and back-end systems, organizations can optimize business processes, make

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InteliAthlete Logo Preview

Sneak Preview of our Logo

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The Romanian team has been very hard at work. We are looking at sensors, looking at different Big Data options in the cloud and, most importantly, choosing our cloud based analytics platform. While the engineers have definitely been keeping busy, so have the graphic artists. We are happy to give you a sneak preview of our logo – please let us know what you think!  

Placido Polanco

Placido Polanco – the MLB Player

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Anyone interested in knowing more about Placido Polanco, the MLB player, should definitely read Philography: Placido Polanco. Outstanding write-up by Matthew Veasey on our Chief Brand Ambassador. We couldn’t agree more: He brought steady professionalism, along with both winning play and a positive attitude. In the beginning, he helped the team realize it could compete with anyone. In the end, he was a big part of a record-setting Phils season.


Like our Facebook Page

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Do you spend more time on Facebook than you do on Twitter & Google+? Now you can follow everything we’re doing via Facebook, simply Like our Page: InteliAthlete Corp is an Internet of Things (IoT) based machine learning and big data analytics startup for athletes.


Add +InteliAthlete to your Google+ pages

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We are now on Google+ : Add us to your Google+ Pages & stay up to date on everything happening @ InteliAthlete, an Internet of Things (IoT) based machine learning and big data analytics startup for athletes.


InteliAthlete is now on Twitter

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We are now on Twitter: @InteliAthlete. Follow us on Twitter & stay up to date on everything happening @ InteliAthlete, an Internet of Things (IoT) based machine learning and big data analytics startup for athletes.


LinkedIn Company Page Up and Running

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Our Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data startup’s LinkedIn page is up and running – InteliAthlete Corp. We’re currently working on a logo.

Flag of Florida

InteliAthlete Corp – Born on December 1, 2014

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On December 1st, 2014 articles of incorporation were filed with the Florida Secretary of State and InteliAthlete Corp was officially born. Wish us luck as we embark on this journey to assist athletes reach their maximum potential through Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, big data, machine learning and cloud-based analytics.