InteliAthlete Co-Founder to discuss Consumer IoT and BigData at IEEE BigData Congress 2015
IEEE BigData Congress 2015

InteliAthlete Co-Founder to discuss Consumer IoT and BigData at IEEE BigData Congress 2015

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InteliAthlete Corp, an Internet of Things (IoT) sensors based Machine Learning and BigData analytics startup helping athletes reach their maximum potential, announces today that one of the company’s co-founders – Mr. Cristian Sturek – will be a panelist on the Big Data and IoT Plenary Panel to take place on Sunday, June 28th, as part of the IEEE BigData Congress 2015. Held between June 27 and July 2, the 2015 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (BigData Congress 2015) aims to provide an international forum that formally explores various business insights of all kinds of value-added “services.” Big Data is a key enabler of exploring business insights and economics of services.

Plenary Panel 2: BigData and IoT is scheduled for Sunday, June 28th, 16:15 – 17:25 in Gallery 8.

Real-time big data represents a convergence of science, engineering, and technology disciplines to collect, transform, store, process, analyze, and search big data in real time. Analytical processes that used to run long hours or days are now reduced by an order of magnitude to fractions of seconds. Traditional analytics are usually a process for generating reports from structured data retrieved from a traditional data warehouse. Real-time big data takes it to the next level to drive business values by generating insights or recommendations from different sources of structured, semi- structured, and unstructured data in real time.

The trend is towards faster, intelligent, highly automated, cost-effective, and high-quality processing of data that produces insights quickly and offer specific recommendations in the right context, resulting in greater sales and higher profits. Despite recent progress in the high-performance systems like trading and online advertisements, there are still a number of issues, barriers, pitfalls, and challenges in this maturing space. The industry gurus and field practitioners on this panel will share their perspectives, experience and advice with forward-thinking views and practical forecasts.

“I am extremely excited to be a part of this panel, along with such esteemed colleagues as Mr. Dan Daogaru, Mr. Jason Kolb and Mr. Tom Gilley”, said Mr. Sturek. “Everywhere you go, anyone you talk to, it’s always IoT this and IoT that. Everyone that talks to me knows my stance – IoT is nothing without data analytics, and as part of this Panel I will be discussing the symbiosis between the two in Consumer IoT. I look forward to the Q&A session where I can interact with the audience.”