I have seen the future of sports, and it is here now

I have seen the future of sports, and it is here now

9 years ago 0

Looks like we might have some competition from SAP – although their solution seems to be geared towards Professional athletes, taking more of a “sports medicine” approach. If you have a chance, please read this new piece in ITWire.com – How the Internet of Things will change the future of sport. While the focus of the article is on Cricket (and yes, we did think about cricket when we purchased InteliCricket.com), it’s becoming more and more obvious to everyone that 3D image analysis was good enough. Today, your XBox 360 and Playstation consoles do that out of the box, with minimal SDK programming.

The future is definitely what we’re building our company on – sensors, bigdata, machine learning, analytics. Sensors are decreasing in cost; machine learning is readily available in the cloud. Possibilities for the “intelligent athlete” are endless.

We strongly agree with Mr. Philipson, the future of sports is definitely here!